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Please complete this form prior to attending the model call. This form must be completed to receive your model number at check-in.
Models must bring Comp Card, Headshots (portfolio not required but okay to bring). Local models are required to come to all three (3) casting call. If they are not present for all three casting calls, THEY WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN THE SHOW. If comp-card/headshot is not present at casting call, there will be $20 fee charged.
  • Every model must purchase a white S&M Custom Design T-Shirt for $10. (T-Shirt is required for promotional reasons.)
International models will be responsible for their flight, hotel, car rental or anything of that condition. They are required to submit comp card via email [email protected] International models will be notified by 1/18/2020 via email. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS UNLESS UNTIL YOU HEAR BACK WITH CONFIRMATION OF BEING SELECTED.