S&M Custom Design is a small-owned minority business. They pride themselves in creating pieces for their clients using their custom-made fabrics and threads.

After booking a 1-hour consultation via the website, the client will then meet via zoom or in person with Designer Santia Mckoy to ensure their needs, vision and questions are all answered to move forward in creating their custom piece.

During your consultation, please ensure you bring all inspiration and/or ideas with you. It is imperative to know that we will make a custom piece that is similar for you but not a replica of the inspiration.

All clients must sign our “custom garment contract” and decide on the payment plan most suitable for them. Please note that no production will commence until the first payment/deposit is made and all paperwork is sign – to include all decisions for the custom garment.

It is standard that 1-2 fittings be required before final pickup of custom garment(s). Failure to complete final fittings before pickup will not result in the company being at fault should the garment not fitting properly, or adjustments needing to be made.

All custom garments can only be picked up within the hours that the company is open. Designer Santia and/or any of their S&M Custom Design team will not be able to assist after hours, as they are against company policy. Should you choose to violate our company rules and guidelines, authorities will be notified.

All custom garments will need to be picked up in a timely manner. Failure to pick up the garment after 2 weeks of garment being completed and you being notified will result in storage fees be added to your payment and/or account.

Fees are as follows:

After 2 weeks of failure to pickup items, and additional $25 will be charged.

1 month failure to pickup item will be an additional $50. Should the garment remain after 1 month, we will add $75 for every month in excess for storage.

All garments are professionally cleaned and pressed before pickup. Should there be any issues with the garments after pickup, S&M Custom Design will not be at fault. Our cleaners notify and document all issues with clothing upon drop-off and pickup, to ensure our clients are getting the best of everything.

*** Please note that all custom orders are final and cannot be returned. ***